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  • Comparing Joints, Bunts and Spliffs

   There has been a long holding debate on which is better; blunts, joints or spliffs. Everyone has a preference when smoking but I've heard the argument countless times. "Blunts are better." 

"No joints are because there's no tobacco." 

"But the tobacco adds flavor." 

"But joints smoke cleaner."

    Regardless of your side in this debate we're going to go over what blunts, joints and spliffs are, pros and cons of them and I'll let you decide which is the best!

    So we're going to start with my favorite in this list which is the OG tobacco blunt. So blunts are basically a cigar with cannabis inside. There are many brands who sell cigars or cigarillos which is a tobacco leaf or wrap with shredded tobacco inside. And no I don't mean a legit cigar but those little packs next to the cigarettes at the gas station. To roll a blunt you slice the cigarillo down the middle, remove the tobacco guts, add cannabis, then lick and seal the blunt. Blunts smoke a lot and are very satisfying to puff on, however, they can be harsh on some people's throats so be aware when you first try one!

 The typical blunt is rolled with a tobacco wrap, however, in the midst of medical cannabis and people in general preferring to not smoke tobacco, hemp blunt wraps were invented. These usually come in a pack just like the cigarillos, but there are no guts to remove. It's just the wrap. But these smoke very similarly to the usual tobacco blunt.

    Next is one of my lesser favorites, the joint. Joints are basically a cannabis cigarette without the typical foam filter. Some people use glass or cardboard crutches to use as a mouthpiece and to limit the amount of scooby snacks that come through. There are countless types of papers ranging in size, flavor, color and material. Joints are slightly easier to roll in my opinion compared to blunts. But joints don't smoke as much as blunts. They tend to go out quicker if it's not being puffed on, but they don't have the strong tobacco smell like blunts do.

    Lastly there are spliffs. Spliffs give you the best of both worlds. They are a joint rolled with tobacco and cannabis. Many people smoke spliffs as a way to save weed. They use the tobacco for flavor and as a filler so you don't waste as much weed as the joint burns. Spliffs can be rolled like a joint or sometimes they are rolled into an actual cigarette tube. A positive about spliffs is that when you smoke them the tobacco slightly covers some of the weed smell, making it a better choice in public.

Blunts, joints and spliffs all have their place within the stoner community. Be it you enjoy tobacco and weed combined or you prefer clean, smooth puffs of a joint, neither is wrong! Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to smoking but that's what makes the community so interesting! Let us know below which you prefer and why! It's so interesting getting different perspectives on the same topic!

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Comparing Joints, Bunts and Spliffs
lizx33 3 years ago
I prefer bongs to anything, but I'll take blunts over joints or spliffs.
MedHead 3 years ago
Med user here. Prefer a vaporizer cuz I want my lungs to last as long as possible!
provisional_air 3 years ago
I'm not super picky at the moment!
1. Blunts 2. Joints 3. Anything but a Spliff