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  • CO Dispensaries are essential during quarantine

As the whole word deals with the COVID 19 CoronaVirus, many states and countries have completely shut down except for essential businesses. One of the more recent stay at home orders was placed for Colorado, where I am a resident.


My first thought was, 'Are dispensaries considered essential businesses.' As I was low on weed and needed to re-up. I'm sure I'm not the only stoner to shudder at the thought of going dry during this social distancing pandemic.

But guess what?! Many dispensaries here in the US are considered essential businesses! Basically this is green lighting the fact that cannabis is useful and important in our society. Really think about it though. The government, the same government that claims weed is a gateway drug, is telling its citizens getting high is essential during this time.


Okay I know that's not 'really' what they are saying but that's pretty much the vibe I get in this whole situation. Even liquor stores are deemed essential businesses right now.


Here in Colorado, medical dispensaries are still open as usual. They are just implementing the social distancing standards of 6 feet apart and only a certain number of people inside at a time. Now for recreational dispensaries, the entire inside lobby and shop are closed to the public. Customers must order online for curbside pick up.


I actually was able to experience this new change just yesterday. I had to place my order through Weedmaps. To make an account I had to send in a photo of my ID to verify my age and type in a verification code they texted me, then I was free to shop! I looked up my dispensary and searched through their menu. I added my items to the cart, hit checkout and then received a text message from both Weedmaps and my dispensary, letting me know they received my order and when the order was ready for pickup. No payments were made through the online order. I needed to bring cash to complete my order at the dispensary. Some dispensaries were taking call in orders as well as online.


Once I arrived at the dispensary they had cones set up and a line of vehicles. You waited in line, the budtender would come out take your ID, go inside for your total, come back out for the cash then go in to get change and bring out your order. (This is the best time to tip your budtender!) Then we were sent on our way. At another dispensary they had their ATM out on the front deck and had a table set up for people to order and pick up from.

All locations are going to have different policies so contact your local dispensary for their policies.


I do believe dispensaries should be considered essential, more so on the medical side. Cannabis has replaced many people's over the counter medications, so closing a dispensary would literally be closing their pharmacy. I will say recreational cannabis may not exactly be essential, however, people like myself who use cannabis medically but don't have a medical card would be out of luck otherwise.


This is a scary time for the world and I think it's a big step for our many states to have deemed dispensaries as essential businesses. Every day we are one step closer to full acceptance and legalization of cannabis. Everyone stay home, stay safe and stay high!


Up next there will be an article listing which states have deemed dispensaries as essential and which did not!

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CO Dispensaries are essential during quarantine
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