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  • Cannabis strains for dinner with the family

    It's that time of year where we hang up pretty lights and overindulge in huge feasts with family and friends. There's always someone in the group who goes for a quick 'walk' before dinner, translation they are going to smoke some weed so they can gobble up more food than the average sober dinner guest.

    After dinner most families mosey on into the living room, unbutton their pants and basically enjoy a food induced coma; unable to do much besides moan at each other and enjoy some lame after dinner television special.

    So for my stoner friends I have compiled a list of the best cannabis strains for pre-dinner, after dinner, dessert and any time in-between!

    For pre-dinner strains, one with hunger inducing properties would be best! Blue dream is a must for pre-dinner celebrations! Unlike most appetite inducing strains this one leans heavier on the sativa side! Thanks to this you'll be able to scarf down more food without becoming zombie-like, mushing potatoes into your mouth.

    Lavender is also a good strain for dinner or dessert! This strain is often used for gastrointestinal issues, including inducing hunger. Lavender does lean indica, but not enough to cause an after meal snooze!

    Most people get into a food induced coma after their holiday meal. At least for my family we'd congregate from the dinning room to the living room. The tv one with some holiday film and everyone with heavy eyes barely staying awake enough to follow the movie plot.

    Because of the reasons above, I've picked a few post-dinner strains to uplift you! Jack The Ripper is a heavy sativa but produces a more mellow, uplifting high, making it perfect to battle the food coma. It also isn't too high in THC making it perfect for social smoking. You won't look or feel super stoned, but more relaxed, happy, making your consumption less noticeable.

    Girl Scout Cookies is also a great post dinner, but before dessert, strain. This strain induces a euphoric, giddy high but also triggers the munchies! GSC is a great strain to share with your cousins on that after dinner stroll.

    Let us know if you like the strains listed above or if you have a strain suggestion for this holiday season!

    This year has been challenging for us all. I hope everyone has an amazing, yet safe holiday season! Stay tuned to TWT IG page for a chance to tell us your best "Stoner Holiday Dinner" story! 




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Cannabis strains for dinner with the family