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Stoners do it better. This is according to a new survey by cannabis delivery service Eaze in partnership with vibrator company Lioness. The survey, conducted by MarketView Research, was “completed by 432 Lioness newsletter subscribers across North America from 6/23 to 7/1, and consisted of all genders and non-gender-conforming consumers. Journaling included a group of 19 Lioness users who volunteered to try different [THC and CBD-infused] products with their device and record their experiences per session.” 

“Cannabis can enhance your orgasms no matter who you are,” the report states. “While a satisfying sex life is the result of many variables, cannabis can increase the length, frequency, and quality of your orgasms and pleasure sessions whether you’re single or married, solo or with a partner, young adult or silver fox.”

Here are some of the most noteworthy outcomes from the survey:

No, time isn’t slowing down; you actually are lasting longer. Without cannabis, participants reported their sex lasting about 34.6 minutes with a partner, 19.2 minutes riding solo and 12.6 minutes with the Lioness smart vibrator. With cannabis, 73% said their partner sessions lasted longer, 64% reported spending more time pleasuring themselves and 81% of married couples experienced longer sessions. Moreover, “respondents who self-identified as medium-dosing consumers experienced longer sessions under the influence of cannabis (82% much/somewhat longer) than others who self-identified as high (63%) or low (70%) dose consumers.”



Sans marijuana, participants reported experiencing an average of two orgasms per session, with or without a partner. Nearly half of those respondents (43% with masturbation and 48% with partnered sex) said they experienced an increased quantity of orgasms with marijuana. Those who identified as “daily or frequent cannabis consumers were more likely to report orgasms with the help of cannabis, with (49% daily, 54% frequent, 34% infrequent) or without (48% daily, 49% frequent, 23% infrequent) a partner.”

Quality over quantity… but why not both? “Whether they were alone, with a partner, using a sex toy or identified as a frequent cannabis consumer, it was clear cannabis made their climaxes more enjoyable. Respondents reported an 85% increase in the quality of their solo orgasms, and a 79% increase in orgasms with a partner. Futhermore, over 80% of participants said cannabis helped them find sex toys more enjoyable, both solo and with a partner. With those who experience occasional pain during sex, “participants reported that cannabis helped mitigate pain during climax.”


In general, respondents reported that cannabis made it easier to reach orgasm. “High-dose consumers experienced easier orgasms with cannabis during their solo sessions (71% much/somewhat easier vs 60%/62% low and medium dose respectively).” Lioness data also found that orgasm duration increased by 14% and 46%, and “was associated with greater self-reported masturbation satisfaction. For reference, the average orgasm in the study lasted for 33.6 seconds with cannabis.”

Over 50% of consumers reported more intense orgasms, longer sessions and a deeper feeling of connectivity with their partner with cannabis over alcohol. The study also found that the “older you are, the more likely you are to have sex under the influence (either cannabis or alcohol). The 21-34 year old age group more rarely engage in sex under influence of either substance than their 35+ counterparts.”


In terms of specific marijuana products: While CBD products improved orgasm  intensity, “the most intense and satisfying Lioness sessions were reported after consumption of THC vapes and THC edibles.” The study also found that THC lubricants were the most likely to enhance participant moods, “taking them from solid ground to cloud nine.”

“For far too long, the benefits of sexual pleasure and cannabis have been overlooked and underfunded due to taboo and fear,” said Liz Klinger, co-founder and CEO of Lioness, in an emailed statement to Marijuana Moment. “The goal of this report is to continue to drive conversation and education about the effects of cannabis use in the bedroom, and we’re really excited to share some of the unique findings for both solo and partner sessions.”

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Cannabis Leads To ‘High’ Quality Sex
AardVark 3 years ago
It makes perfect sense. I can see weed helping people be more calm, in the moment and less anxious.
boblee 3 years ago
Hey pal, you got a good video here. We got some quality buds, seeds, hemp oil and other good stuffs. Hit me now via email on: [email protected] or Text +1 (310)-692-1155, Wickr Id: jasonstewart
I’ve never drank a drop of alcohol in my entire almost 49 years , so I have no reference there but, since I’ve started smoking flower sex has massively improved.
gullwing 3 years ago
I am looking for suggestions as to what strains of cannabis, what strength/ratios of THC/CBD, and what terpene profile is recommended for the best sexual encounter.
GreenDot 3 years ago