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  • Calling All Creators: 5 Tips To Improve Your Search Engine Optimization

Hello fellow creators! Are you looking to grow your channel?


When it comes to search engine optimization, or SEO, increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your content through organic search results can prove to be a prodigious challenge, especially in the world of cannabis.


Grab a notepad and a bowl because we are here to help, starting with 5 tips to increase your search engine optimization!




The internet won’t know what your video is about unless you know what it’s about. Humans are intuitive creatures, and they can tell if what you’re creating is contrived. So make sure that what you’re saying is from the heart, and make sure that you don’t lose that human touch.



Keywords help keep your content relevant. Tags help categorize your videos and make them visible, so make sure you use the maximum amount of possible tags.


However, don’t use the same tags in all your videos. Spice it up, flex that versatility!


Pay close attention to every aspect of your workflow.


An enticing thumbnail that correctly conveys what your video is about will greatly improve your SEO.


Analytics show about a 6-12 minute sweet spot in terms of video length. However, you’re on TheWeedTube, where stats have shown an appetite for longer length content. So kick back, stay a while!


Create a short and sweet title that correctly conveys your video and also include some links (but not too many!) to supplemental and relevant content.


Include a call-to-action at the end of your video to encourage your viewers to further engage with you, and also, of course, to like, comment and subscribe.


Upload previews of your video across all of your social media platforms. Make sure that each post on each platform is fully unique unto itself.



The future is literally in our hands. The majority of content is viewed on mobile, so make sure that your videos and websites are optimized with that in mind.



Creating is better when more people are involved. Reach out to creative folks with a similar viewership size that you find captivating and collaborate with them.


Get to know them, work with them, and help each other grow!


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Calling All Creators: 5 Tips To Improve Your Search Engine Optimization
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HistoryHigh 2 years ago
This was great information!