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The Netflix sensation that is Bird Box has thousands of young people finally discovering Sandra Bullock. While those of us who have been around a while remember her for her iconic roles in films like Speed, Miss. Congeniality, and many more, Bird Box has set off a few new trends. With content creators everywhere wrapping themselves in blindfolds and trying to find their way through grocery stores, our own content creators here at TheWeedTube have put their own spin on it. Arend Richard was the first to accidentally participate in these challenges. Uploaded just a couple days before the release of Bird Box Arend did a blindfolded blunt roll challenge that kicked it off! It's pretty hilarious and you should definitely check it out! Arend would also like to make it known that he read Bird Box before the movie came out. Not sure why he feels it's necessary to let you know this, but he made it very clear that I was to write that.

Arends Video: Technically the first person to actually make a video specifically around Bird Box was Chuwy from Chuwy's Up in Smoke! The video is an absolute laugh riot and you can't miss it.

Full video: Don't forget our amiga Floryamor420! Her simple take on the Bird Box Challenge is a GREAT time! Full video: For all the Bird Box challenges on TheWeedTube search "Bird Box" and you'll find everything you're looking for, even if you can't see it. See what I did there.

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BirdBox Challenge Stoner Edition
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