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  • Billy Ray Cyrus Launches Cannabis Brand For 4/20

Although the coronavirus pandemic led to more subdued 4/20 commemorations across the world, one California-based cannabis company, in partnership with a well-known country musician, found reason to celebrate in the release of a brand new special edition product.


On Monday, country music artist and “Old Town Road” singer Billy Ray Cyrus announced his collaboration with Lowell Herb Co: A limited edition pack of all-black prerolls called Midnight Special, which includes a sativa-dominant blend of both Lava Cake and Banana Cream, a duo chosen specially by Billy Ray himself.



“Set-a-spell, and regain your composure. This sativa dominant hybrid blend is deliciously sweet with a citrus flavor profile. The high offers a state of relaxation while keeping the creative mind active,” says Lowell.


Cyrus and Lowell’s launch of Midnight Special came in conjunction with the virtual 4/20 livestream event “Higher Together: Sessions From Home,” hosted by Weedmaps. Money raised during the event benefited the Last Prisoner Project, an organization working to provide protection for those incarcerated during the coronavirus pandemic.


“Everyday we fight for the ‘full freedom’ of every last person in prison for unjust cannabis laws,” says the organization. “Fully free means we fight for legalization, the RELEASE of prisoners, the REMOVAL of cannabis crimes from their records, and training for a successful RE-ENTRY into society.”



The roll out of Cyrus’ Midnight Special comes with the debut of his new single and music video “Ballad of Jed,” which will be a part of the musician’s new project MAMA KUSH. With the launch, Billy Ray cautions cannabis enthusiasts to follow health guidelines to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.



“Be a Bogart. If you care, don’t share,” said Cyrus, in reference American stage and film actor Humphrey Bogart. “Don’t pass your joint or pipe around, it’s just not safe to do right now. Let’s all take a breather, chill out on 4/20 and jam to some new music. We’re gonna have a good time.”


David Elias, CEO of Lowell Herb Co, described this year’s 4/20 as “different, but the spirit remains unchanged. It’s a time to acknowledge our industry’s progress, show appreciation for our community, and to celebrate our momentum towards ending prohibition.”


Elias says that just because the circumstances prevent in person sessions and observations, that doesn’t mean the sense of community has been lost.


“Sharing a joint is normally the way we celebrate 4/20,” he continued. “Sadly, we can’t do that this year, but we can share a lot of other things, our stories, our playlists, our favorite books, our thoughts and emotions, sending well wishes and positive energy to those we love. We will get through this together.”

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Billy Ray Cyrus Launches Cannabis Brand For 4/20
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