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Best Weed Accessories and Gadgets That Are a Must-Have For Any Stoner In 2022. Every day is 4/20 with these essential weed smoking accessories that will enhance any experience.

Long gone are the days of turning apples into cannabis pipes or using car keys to scrape a bowl after unwrapping rolling papers. Fortunately, we’ve come a long way in the world of the cannabis flower grinders or stash and smell-proof containers. It is easier than ever to be a stylish stoner with the best weed accessories. Whether you like blunts, bowls, vapes, a fancy ashtray, or og portable pens, we’ve got you covered with this must-have list of smoking accessories.

Multipurpose Stoner Tools

There are plenty of handheld tools used to scoop, scrape, fill, and tamp weed in various ways. For example, if you use a grinder to break up your weed, it probably has a kief collector in the bottom chamber. How do you scoop it out of there? If you use a portable dry herb vape, what do you use to pack and tamp the weed into the oven? 

There is one tool to rule them all when it comes to handling kief and ground herb, and it’s called the Keefer Scraper. This stainless steel device looks kind of like a tiny shovel, with a bucket scoop on one end and a pointed pick on the other. Designed to scrape and scoop kief from grinders and pollen collectors, we’ve found there to be multiple uses for the Keefer Scraper. 

Keefer Scraper

The pointed end is excellent for scraping every last bit of kief from tight corners or containers, but it also works well for scraping bowls and packing the ends of joints. It’s sharp but not cut-your-finger sharp. The shovel end is perfect for scooping the collected kief, or even shoveling dried herb into a joint or bowl. 


Keefer Scraper makes a mini version of their flagship kief scraper that works perfectly to pack and tamp dry herb vaporizers. Don’t waste your time buying a ton of tools when the Keefer Scraper does everything you need and fits perfectly into just about any stash box or kit. If you’re into dabbing, they have a dab tool for that too.

Rolling Necessities

Joints are arguably the best way to smoke weed. Okay, that’s subjective, but we stand by what we say.

Here’s why:

  • Joints are easy

  • Joints taste good

  • Joints are portable

  • Joints are classic


Rolling joints is a valuable skill. Certainly you’ve been to at least one party in your life where the Joint Roller of the crew was seated in the comfiest chair while stoners eagerly delivered beverages while waiting for the much-anticipated perfectly rolled joint. 

Weed Joints and Grinder

Aw, those were the days. Now, anyone can be a joint-rolling pro with a few essential tools.

Here’s what you need: 

  • Grinder: A three or four-chamber grinder is essential to getting the bud ground down to the perfect consistency. We really love the Hoj Klip slicer! So do over 400 customers who rated it 5 stars. It’s just one of those grinders you’ll never need to replace. 

Hoj Klip Slicer Grinder

  • Rolling Papers: If you like to twist up weed, invest in good rolling papers. If you are still learning how to roll or simply want to crank through the process a bit quicker, opt for RAW Classic King Size Cones. They come in multipacks and all you have to do is grind up your weed and pack it into the cone. Use the Keefer Scraper to help get the job done. 

Raw King Cones

  • Rolling Tray: This is certainly an optional luxury, but it sure is nice to have. There are plenty available online, but we like the Blazy Susan. It’s customizable and features space for rolling your joint, but it also includes inserts for an ashtray that doubles as a bowl cleaner, a place for your grinder, papers, and Keefer Scraper. Bonus? It’s dishwasher safe.

Blazy Susan

For those that have mastered the art of joint rolling and are ready for the next level, try your hand at twisting up a blunt. The cigar of the cannabis world, blunts are not for the faint of heart. Not only do they deliver more on the inhale, but there are plenty of flavors to add an additional element to your smoking experience. King Palm makes plenty of flavors, and they are all tobacco-free, so you can enjoy your high without the nuisance of a nicotine buzz. 

King Palms

Bowls and Bongs

If joints aren’t your thing (or even if they are!), every smoker needs to keep some good glass at home. Not only is it beautiful, but glass pipes and bongs are stoner staples, offering a variety of ways to enjoy getting high. There are so many designs to choose from, from bongs to bowls, spoons, chillums, sherlocks, and bubblers.


Buying a bong is an investment. You want to spend a good chunk of money to have something that will live in your collection for many years to come. We HIGHly recommend shopping for your glass products at CaliConnected! They carry all the best brands at wonderful prices. Whatever you’re looking for, CaliConnected has it!

Cali Connected

Dry Herb Vapes

Have you ever seen a Volcano (this link also saves you 5%!)? No, not the lava-spewing natural landscape, but the weed vaporizer? It was the original way to vape dry herb and caused quite a commotion when it first launched. Admittedly, it was pretty cool to pack a chamber with weed, press a button, and watch a giant balloon fill with smoke. Likewise, it was fun to pass a flameless pouch back and forth, hitting it like you would a helium balloon, but with red eyes instead of high-pitched giggles.

Volcano Vaporizers

Well, dry herb vaping has undoubtedly evolved over the years. The makers of the original Volcano, Storz-Bickel, advanced their vape technology to create a more portable vaping option. Their latest, the Mighty+, is a big seller. Reviewers are hopping online to tout its ease of use, smooth smoke, and high-powered, long-lasting battery. So if you’re into vaping dry herb and want a top performer, the Mighty+ is an excellent choice.

Last but not least…

Formula 420 Cleaning Kits

Any sophisticated stoner keeps cleaning supplies on hand. What’s the point of having beautiful glass and tools if they are just going to be covered in sticky tar? Isopropyl alcohol is your best friend against resin and will keep your glass sparkling clean. If you want something a bit more comprehensive, there are plenty of cleaning kits online!


We hope this post has inspired a new weed accessories shopping list.

You deserve nice things so you can smoke in style. Treat yourself!


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Best Weed Smoking Accessories for the Avid Stoner

By Mary Wanablunt

Her name is Mary and she wants a blunt. Sits on the Board of Directors for “You Didn’t Inhale.”