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A very rewarding pastime of stoners is growing their own bud. There's nothing that compares to the feeling of planting a seed and watching it grow, producing your very own cannabis harvest!

In today's article we will be covering how to grow your own cannabis! This is not how to get the largest plants or the largest yields but how to start your own seed and grow the beautiful cannabis plant. This article is best for the very beginner who wants to grow without investing money and space. Someone who just wants to have the plant to greenify their home and maybe get a small yield once they flower.

First things first you need seeds. Personally I have never purchased seeds, I just collect ones I find in my dispensary grown bud. A good word of advice would be to bag and label your seeds as soon as you find them to keep from having a large stockpile of unknown seeds. I'm speaking from experience here. My stoner brain will put seeds on the table and swear I'll remember what strain they are to only go back a few hours later and have no idea where they came from.

Another option is purchasing seeds from a reputable seller. When you buy seeds they can usually guarantee that they are female, saving time and money growing seeds for a month to only then realize they are male or a ruderalis.

So now you have collected your seeds. It's time to sprout those babies and get your grow started! The method I am going to explain is not the only way to sprout or grow your plants, this is just what works best in my opinion!

Sprouting your seeds is super easy and requires minimal effort. Dampen a paper towel, not sopping wet but damp. Fold it in half and lay out your seeds. Then fold the paper towel again covering the seeds completely with the paper towel. To help keep the paper towel damp, place the seed filled paper towel in a plastic tupperware container and place in a dark place. I put mine right on my kitchen counter out of direct sunlight.

If you don't put the paper towel inside a container to help contain the moisture, you will need to keep wetting the paper towel to keep it from drying up.

Some seeds may not sprout, some may sprout in a day or 2 and others may take 5 to 7 days. Do a quick daily check of your seeds by gently lifting the top paper towel layer to observe your seeds. A little white root tail will emerge, signaling it is ready to be planted!

Once you have all your seeds sprouted it's time to plant them into soil. You don't want to throw these baby seeds right into a 5 gallon bucket but rather in a small container. I use red solo cups as it's easy to cut the cup off when the plant is ready to go into its permanent home in the bucket.

As for soil don't buy anything with chemicals as it will end up in the bud and you will smoke it. Just get an all natural or plant planters soil. I'm not going to cover nutrients or additives as this is a simple grow your own bud for fun.

Now you have planted your babies into their little containers. Place your plants on a window sill or somewhere with direct sunlight. Just as the varying times for the seeds to sprout same goes for your babies to pop through the soil. It can take a few days to over a week. Keep the soil moist, not wet, not damp, but moist. 

Once the babies get to about 4 to 6in tall, start transplanting them to their 5 gallon buckets. It's important not to damage the roots, hence why cutting the cups off the plant is a good idea. When planting the babies, I suggest planting them all the way down to the lowest hanging leaves, to shorten the plant, keeping from having an obnoxiously long stem. This is optional, but is preferred in my opinion.

Now you can definitely set up grow lights and all that but for simplicity, place your plants in direct sunlight. It's best they have 8+ hours of direct sunlight, however, with less, the plant will still grow and flower, just not produce much of a yield. This is perfect for those who just love the cannabis plant and want to have them on their window sills. I keep mine by a glass door with a box fan on low. Fans are also optional, however, they help circulate the air and help strengthen the plant's stems. I rotate between low and medium settings to switch it up.

It's important to keep your plants properly watered. Too much water and the roots will rot and too little and the plant will wilt and the leaves will fall off. The best rule of thumb is to water when the top few inches is dry or pay attention to the plant itself. If the plant is beginning to slightly wilt, water. If the plant is perky, don't water. It's really hard to kill marijuana plants as they are weeds after all. They just need water and sunlight and a little love.

After about a month and a half you should be able to sex your plants. It's actually super easy. Male plants will have seed balls at the joints of the stem and branches. If it's female you will see a green hair at each joint. It's important to remove male plants from female ones as soon as possible to keep from fertilizing the females and producing seeds rather than bud.

But if you are just growing to have the beautiful plant on your window sill, it won't matter if they are male or female.

Now you can just grow your plants without pruning or cutting branches. It'll just grow straight up and have a limited amount of buds when it begins to flower.

If you want a better yield with more buds then you need to top your plants. Topping is the action of plucking off the new sprouts from the top of the plant. When a sprout is plucked off, 2 more replace it. You can do this as much or as little as you'd like.

Most plants will begin to flower on their own, as auto flower seeds are quite popular. Or if you are growing via sunlight, most plants will go into flower when the amount of sunlight has decreased. Weed plants usually take 3 to 5 months to go from seed to bud. Once the buds start popping up it's important to keep an eye on the buds. They will begin with white hairs and eventually those hairs will begin to turn orange or brown. Once the hairs on the buds are 50-75% brown or orange it is time to harvest!

Chop those buds off, trim the leaves and hang those babies up to dry. To harvest, cut the branches with buds off the plant. Remove all the leaves and trim excess leaves from the nugs themselves. Hang the stems upside down in a dry, dark place for a few days to weeks depending on the humidity in your area. Once the buds are about 60% dry, cut them completely off the stems and throw them into a jar. And bam. You just grew your own bud!

The harvest from this method may not be as large as those who use nutrients, lights, tents and all that jazz. But it is simple and a fun way to add some greenery to your home or apartment with a lovely surprise at the end. 

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Beginners Guide to growing Weed
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