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  • Babies With Marijuana-Themed Names Draw Both Support And Criticism

A family that grows together, stays together. A couple and their newborn children on Twitter have gained popularity after their proud uncle tweeted the 420-related names their parents gave to them.


“UPDATE: My brother is excited to announce the birth of his 2nd daughter!” Fred Lee of Baltimore, Maryland wrote in the post, adding “…and before you ask, yes, her name is exactly what you think it is.”


As of the writing of this article, the tweet has gotten 94.8K likes 17.6K retweets.



To provide a hint, Lee included their tweet from October 2018 in which they said, “My first neice is named SaTiva... I just....”


Lee also attached a screenshot of a conversation with one of young Indica’s parents saying that they loved the continuation of the theme and that they are “so blessed that they are two healthy girls, and he finally incorporated the family name (Quinn) in somehow”.


“Not gonna lie, not 100 yet on the pronunciation of the full name,” wrote Lee in the tweet’s thread. “Oddly enough, one of my nephews was born on 4/20.... I guess it’s just in the stars with us”.


When Lee asked their brother about the name decision, they reported that “he said this was an easy name once they found out it was a girl, she was a small one (5 lbs 7 oz) and was a very easy delivery.”



Though many Twitter users were generous with their congratulations to the now two-time uncle, as is the nature of the internet, a handful were quick to, let’s say, offer their profound opinion. 


“This is like naming your kids Code Red and Baja Blast,” wrote one Twitter user.



“CPS needs to intervene,” said another, to which Lee responded, “To do what exactly?”



In reply to a tweet saying, “I’d be pissed off,” Lee wrote, “Of course their safety is my top priority, no one is going to fuck with them, but I want to see how they can blossom with these ... “blossoming” names”.



Lee set the record straight, tweeting:


“Oh, and let me be clear:

As fun as this ride is, and I’m surely enjoying it, keep it the fuck cute with the comments..

These are my blood, and I will do WHATEVER to protect them. I’ll hurt a bitch, I’ll ruin a bitch. Don’t try it. Don’t TRY ME. 

... had to let that be known”



Folks also chirped cheeky suggestions on potential names for a third baby.


“The third gonna be a hybrid,” wrote one clever user.


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Babies With Marijuana-Themed Names Draw Both Support And Criticism
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