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Actor Will Smith walked onstage at the 2022 Oscars and hit comedian Chris Rock across the face after he made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith.

The joke started with Chris Rock saying he loved Jada then said that he “couldn’t wait for G.I. Jane 2” referencing her shaved head. Smith was seen initially laughing on the broadcast, then almost immediately after walked up to Rock and slapped him across the side of his face on live television, later to be replayed by millions online

Chris Rock Will Smith Slap

Will Smith then returned to his seat while the live broadcast went silent in America for several seconds as Smith yelled the words “Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth!” 

Jada Pinkett Smith announced last year she shaved her head after struggling with Alopecia, which is commonly treated with marijuana.

Will Smith Oscars

Will Smith won an Oscar moments later and headlines emerged about the consequences he may be facing. Individuals began to voice their opinions on whether the altercation was warranted, with celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg claiming he overreacted. Comic Fortune Feimster tweeted about an experience with someone rushing the stage earlier that week, adding on, “...No, I don’t find someone getting hit on stage amusing.” 

Although in terms of the law, Smith could be in the clear. The Los Angeles Police Department told The Post in a statement that it is aware of the incident but “the individual involved has declined to file a police report."

People around the world immediately began to debate whether or not the slap was justified. 

What is Alopecia?

Alopecia or “Alopecia areata” is an autoimmune disorder that causes your hair to come out, often in clumps. An individual's immune system is responsible for hair loss and in the case of Alopecia, many individuals lose their facial hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. 

The physical manifestations of this disorder (Alopecia) may not be as difficult to handle for some individuals as the emotional ones. Most people with Alopecia Areata are generally healthy otherwise, and the disorder itself is not a sign of a serious or life-threatening disease

What Is Alopecia

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease which means that your immune system mistakenly attacks a part of your body. When you have alopecia areata, cells in your immune system surround and attack your hair follicles (the part of your body that makes hair).

According to several scientific studies, cannabis can help remedy this autoimmune condition by promoting individual immunity.

According to the National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF), approximately 6.8 million people in the United States and 147 million worldwide have or will develop alopecia areata at some point in their lives. 

Alopecia and Cannabis

Using CBD topically as an oil and in shampoos for hair regrowth in patients with different types of hair loss has been shown to help alopecia both through scientific research studies and by patient testimony according to the National Library of Medicine. Topical use is ideal for the skin and hair because they both contain a large amount of receptors that allow CBD to work in the body, although more research is needed for it to be commercially recommended. Cannabis use is common among patients with Alopecia and is often used to alleviate the psychosocial symptoms. Many people struggle with feeling alone or unattractive as their hair begins to disappear, and cannabis has been proven to be a helpful tool when combating those anxieties. 

This incident at the Oscars has likely prompted many patients to feel a comparison to Jada Pinket Smith, and we want those individuals to know they are not alone in their battle. 

While Facebook may not allow Jada to discuss her treatments on Red Table Talk, we at WeedTube would be more than happy to provide a safe space. 

Visit the NAAF website for more resources on dealing with Alopecia.

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Autoimmune Diseases Are No Joke

By Mary Wanablunt

Her name is Mary and she wants a blunt. Sits on the Board of Directors for “You Didn’t Inhale.”

stoneyspike 8 months ago
Great article! This is the conversation we need to be having ?
unicron6 8 months ago
Will is an emotional child. Him and his wife can eat shit. Chris was stupid to apologize. It's a joke, at the Oscars, gtfo if you can't handle a joke.
420cancerpatient 8 months ago
Comedians are being heckled and attacked more and more these days, as it seems many more people in this country can't seem to read a room and get a joke. OR even l;et one go, if you don't care for it. That's freedom of speech we're squelching here, folks. Oh, and he could have asked her at the table, if that was what she wanted, BEFORE he decided to behave in a less than stellar manner, jumping like a Hooligan. I could have sworn he was more level-headed than that.
MissiePrissie 8 months ago
Interesting article