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  • Arizona Tea joins the Marijuana movement

Arizona Tea just partnered up with Dixie Brands, a Denver-based marijuana company, in making THC infused products.

They announced their partnership on Tuesday and are said to start with vape pens and THC gummies. Their licensing deal is for 3 years and Arizona now has the right to buy a stake of up to $10 million in the Dixie Brands company. They also have the opportunity to renew the deal 2 more times for 2 years each. 

“This partnership marks a watershed moment for the popularization and expansion of the cannabis sector overall, and is another large step forward for Dixie Brands’ strategy to build a house of famous cannabis brands," Chuck Smith, the CEO of Dixie Brands explained.

It's exciting to see large well-known companies teaming up with cannabis related businesses. This may help cannabis become more normalized and accepted like alcohol.

Marijuana still remains federally illegal, even though some states have legalized it both medically and recreationally. Products containing marijuana cannot be transported from state to state, limiting most new companies in the industry. Dixie Brands has production locations in 6 states which will help Arizona cover a lot of ground fast, since the infused goods will be sold through dispensaries there.

"You've got to be willing to try new things," Don Vultaggio, chairman and CEO of Arizona said. "The upside is we're one of the first ones in an emerging space."

Many companies were quick to jump on the CBD train, however, fewer have delved into THC. Banks restrict money made from marijuana, making it difficult for businesses to enter the cannabis industry.

"The cannabis market is an important emerging category, and we've maintained our independence as a private business to be positioned to lead and seize generation-defining opportunities exactly like this one," Vultaggio explained. "The cannabis category is an ideal space to bring the flavor and fun of Arizona into new and exciting products."

It'll be interesting to see what both these companies come up with but for me, Arizona iced tea with THC sounds like a dream.


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Arizona Tea joins the Marijuana movement
boblee 3 years ago
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This is so brilliant. Arizona has a lot of brand equity with stoners and it seems that someone in charge is in touch with their consumer demographic. Much love to the Mucho Mango flavor, and the Dixie drinks are great too I'm looking forward to trying their product. Great post! !