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  • Arizona Cultivation Company Owner Giving Out Free Cannabis: “I live for this shit.”

The economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic are being felt in homes, cities and communities throughout the United States. As stay-at-home orders and business shutdowns are extended, several companies have had to make the difficult decision to layoff or furlough portions of their staff. The onslaught of financial hardship led the federal government to pass an historic $2 trillion economic stimulus bill in order to provide brief aid to those whose jobs have been affected by the coronavirus.


In March, as all but essential businesses began being temporarily closed or brought to limited operation, the cannabis industry saw record highs in sales numbers as individuals stockpiled product. This was followed with dramatic drops in sales, due in part to people experiencing job loss and finding themselves with different financial priorities.


In an effort to bring relief, a company in Arizona has decided to provide free cannabis to those affected in their local communities. Grow Sciences, a marijuana cultivation company based in Phoenix, is calling it their own “cannabis stimulus.”



“It got real in a matter of minutes,” says Mike Cuthriell, Grow Science’s co-owner, after the company posted on its Instagram story in March asking for patients to email them with a photo of their medical marijuana ID and a bit about why they don’t currently have access to cannabis. Grow Sciences said that eligible patients would receive a quarter-ounce of flower for free.


“Stimulus” packages were made available for patients to pick up in numerous dispensaries in Phoenix that partner with Grow Sciences, including The Local Joint, The Holistic Center, and Health for Life. Patients were able to choose between four strains: Sherbhead, Zkittlez, Str8 Lemonade, or Dr. Who.


Cuthriell and his partner, Mike Blum, received over 400 inquiries and read and responded to each submission personally. According to Grow Sciences, another “cannabis stimulus” is being planned to take place in Tucson in the next couple of weeks.


“I live for this shit,” said Blum. “I’d give it all away if I could.”



Marketing Director Greg Dunaway used the data gathered from the replies in order to gain better insight into exactly how the coronavirus pandemic has directly affected its customer base.


Of the total respondents, 126 of them, approximately 30 percent, had been laid off. Another 125 were furloughed, 91 had seen a reduction in work hours and 51 were actively seeking work until the pandemic placed hiring on hold.

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Arizona Cultivation Company Owner Giving Out Free Cannabis: “I live for this shit.”
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