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TheWeedTube would like to thank every single one of you for voting to pick the winning design for our new secondary logo! We're so glad we had you guys to help us choose - it would have been impossible for us to make a decision. Here are what the stats looked like: We would like to congratulate @cannasseur.q on Instagram also known as Q within our community for being the winner of the new logo contest!! And on a special side note, ALL the top five logo designers will receive 2 VIP tickets to the App Launch Party.

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And the Logo Winner Is...
nightmarero 4 years ago
Congrats everyone!!! And you guys are amazing for including all top 5!!!! Can’t wait!!!
gemstoned 4 years ago
So excited! Congratulations winner also stoked cause I voted for this one??
munnnymoeezly 4 years ago
congratulations! this one was my favorite!!
lilmamis 4 years ago
Congratulations my favorite