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  • Amidst Pandemic, States See Highest Levels Of Cannabis Sales

Stay at home and self-quarantine orders issued by U.S. state governors in effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 have triggered citizens throughout the country to make stockpile purchases at grocery stores and markets. During the pandemic, cannabis product companies have seen tidal waves of business as consumers and medical patients look to buy in bulk. While many industries have begun to struggle due to lack of staff and nonessential business closures, the medical and recreational marijuana industries have seen record highs in sales.



According to the state Department of Finance and Administration, medical marijuana dispensaries in Little Rock, Arkansas reported on Friday seeing their largest single-day sales since May 2019, when the first dispensary opened.


Scott Hardin, department spokesman, said Thursday that on March 20, $565,000 was spent on 92 pounds of product, bringing the total sale of medical marijuana in the state to $53.74 million. Over 8,400 pounds of cannabis have been sold in the state so far.


When Mayor Michael Hancock implemented a Stay At Home order in Denver, Colorado, it initially deemed marijuana dispensaries as nonessential businesses, ordering them to close. This led to hours-long lines at dispensary locations and prompted Mayor Hancock to revise the order to allow them to remain open.


The city of Denver saw its biggest marijuana sales of the year thus far on Monday, according to the data firm Flowhub. In comparison to an average Monday, Flowhub reported an increase of 140%.


Flowhub also reported that following Mayor Hancock’s news conference at 4 p.m. MST, cannabis sales were approximately four times higher than an average Monday at the same time.


“We went from zero to 60 in like 30 minutes,” said Ben Prater, store manager of Cannabis Station. “We had a line for about five hours.”


Prater said that while St. Patrick’s Day is traditionally among the largest of purchasing holidays of the year, event cancelations and panic buying have made March 23 the highest grossing operating day so far.


Before the mayor’s announcement, the store had $400 worth in sales, Prater said. At the end of the day, a total of about $15,000 of cannabis products had been sold.


While sales have been flourishing, cannabis dispensary employees continually risk exposure to the novel coronavirus as they interact with a multitude of customers each day. Social distancing measures, protective equipment and special guidelines limiting the amount of people permitted inside at a time have been put in place in hopes to minimize the likelihood of employees being exposed to the virus.


On Friday, the state of Colorado rolled out a limited program allowing people to have cannabis products delivered to their homes. The program is focused on medical marijuana dispensaries and patients.

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Amidst Pandemic, States See Highest Levels Of Cannabis Sales
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