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It appears marijuana may be more harmful than expected, at least for some. Scientists have known about cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, or CHS, since the early 2000s, and as research of cannabis becomes more accessible with continued legalization, so to has research for this condition which may affect millions of Americans today.

Even more daunting, it can begin to affect people long after years of cannabis consumption with no negative health side effects. "People don't relate it to marijuana because they've been smoking for decades" with no recognizable issues, said Dr. Joseph Habboushe, an associate professor at New York University Langone Health and the lead author of a study on the condition published last year. The effects of CHS range from violent illness and vomiting to infections, kidney failure and severe weight loss. Business Insider conducted a study of people diagnosed with CHS, who stated that using certified organic or pesticide-free cannabis products doesn't offer any relief. moreover, individuals with CHS can also experience symptoms from CBD-only products. According to Business Insider, Colorado recently identified CHS as one of the leading drivers of emergency-room visits tied to cannabis. CHS can be fatal, as well. In one case, a 17-year-old in Indiana named Brian Smith died after struggling with CHS for more than six months.

However, this doesn't mean marijuana is bad. The mounting evidence of its compounds showing to aid or cure those with specific medical conditions proves that. It may be noted, though, that since the green wave of cannabis has started, emphasis has been placed solely on its benefits, and perhaps not enough on necessary precautions.

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By RJ Blade

RJ Balde is a freelance writer, host, actor, performer, having worked in cannabis writing and advocacy for the last decade. RJ has worked with numerous organizations and media companies in cannabis writing, show hosting, and advocacy, including Airtime, Eaze, SDA Media,, and WeedTube.

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