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  • Best Things About Smoking Weed When You Have Kids

Being a parent who smokes weed does have its drawbacks. Keeping your stash hidden,explaining that your bong is a vase, and competing with your kids for munchies. Just to name a few. But the benefits of raising kids while smoking weed are LIT. Here’s why: Kids movies. Because watching Frozen and singing “Let it Go” for the 100th time that day makes TOTAL sense when you’re stoned. Hormonal Tween meltdown.  Us pot moms know how to keep our chill even when our spawn children are losing theirs. Strings Concerts. A good toke can keep you clapping and beaming to the sound of a cat dying your little Mozart No. Hangover. Some days may call for a LOT of wine but weed won’t punish you for it in the morning. Other. People’s. Kids. Running a house full of other people’s annoying boisterous kids is so much easier with a couple tokes. Besides, you know damn well Amber sips white zin when she’s watching your kids. Well. ESPECIALLY when she’s watching your kids. Because honesty matters. Cramps. OMG Cramps. With the help of weed, my mom game is on EVERY day of the month. Kids Birthday Parties. With weed you can genuinely appreciate Tiffany’s PERFECT, homemade cupcakes. Because you’re here to party too and those munchies are kicking in. Puking kids. If you don’t want to share the throne with your little vomit volcano, weed is there for you. Self-Care. Mama needs down time too. Or high time. Whatever gets you through the day! Crayons on the wall. Did your little one artistically express themselves? On your dining room wall? Weed To the rescue. I mean, the wall is still ruined, but with the right joint you simply won’t give a damn. You might even think it looks cute. Parent Teacher Conferences. Just kidding. Don’t do this. It’s SUPER awkward. According to a friend.

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Best Things About Smoking Weed When You Have Kids
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