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  • 5 Deleted YouTube Channels Thriving on TheWeedTube

In late February of 2018 YouTube deleted over 100 cannabis related channels in what would later be referred to as the "Cannabis Purge". A group of those deleted YouTubers got together and formed; the first ever cannabis friendly video content platform that not only allows cannabis content but also pays the creators through ad revenue, just like YouTube. This article details 5 of those creators who are thriving on TheWeedTube and growing more and more every day!

1. SilencedHippie

Sasha aka SilencedHippie was deleted from YouTube with over 420,000 subscribers in March of 2018. The reason for her deletion? Being a cannabis using content creator. Sasha's deletion came as quite a surprise to the community. Her videos were not filled with over consumption of cannabis. She educated people and let people have a glimpse into her life. A life that was inviting, sweet, and had a dash of legal weed. Since her deletion Sasha has joined many other deleted cannabis creators on A site made for and by other cannabis content creators so that they could have a safe place to post their videos without fear of deletion. Sasha has been making videos the same way she used to. So if you've missed her, here's some links to catch up with her life: Stoner Apartment Tour My Biggest Bong vs. Smallest Rig

2. NamelessStoners

NamelessStoners aka Alan and Burgundy were deleted from YouTube with over 80,000 subscribers. NamelessStoners made their name (or "nameless" I should say) by creating BF vs GF style cannabis videos as well as vlogs, and educational videos. NamelessStoners' following took the deletion extremely hard. Their following was one of the most devoted in the community and they were devastated to see them go. On the flip side, NamelessStoners have been able to grow their following on TheWeedTube rapidly. Their videos have continued to deliver that same relatable fun energy we are all used to. To check out what NamelessStoners Alan and Burgs have been up to lately, check out these links: BF vs GF STIIZY ROULETTE BF vs GF Bong Race

3. 2 Girls 1 Bong

You may remember a little show on YouTube called 2 Girls 1 Bong. It starred the always amazing MacDizzle420 and Joya G (TheJoyaRide). The two girls made a huge name for themselves with their amazing new ways of getting high and their hilarious personalities. 2G1B developed a bit of a cult following. A cult following that helped the relaunch of 2G1B receive over 10k views on the day it premiered (the most views any video on TWT has received in the first 24 hours of posting). Even though the channel that hosted 2 Girls 1 Bong was reinstated on YouTube (HighriseTV), the girls decided to keep 2G1B exclusively on TWT (except for a couple videos on YouTube to remind people where to go). Their dedication to the platform has not gone unnoticed, and we here at TheWeedTube are so grateful for their loyalty. 2 Girls 1 Bong RELAUNCH

4. StonedAlone

StonedAlone was one of the fastest growing channels on YouTube before it's quick deletion in March of 2018. Tim, the medical cannabis patient, made incredible vlogs that were unparalleled in the cannabis community. He was deleted at 18,000 subscribers without explanation from YouTube. Tim's channel being deleted was actually a major catalyst for the launch of TheWeedTube and he has been regarded as one of the best creators on the site since its launch. To be blown away at the camera mastery of Stoned Alone check out these links: I WAS DELETED OFF YOUTUBE FOR WEED VIDS Grape Backwood w/ Izzy Blaze

5. Matthias710WRX

Auto PlayIt's likely that you've seen Matthias around on Instagram shoving something containing weed inside of his nose. One of the funniest guys in cannabis was also one of the fastest growing YouTube channels this year. Going from 0-100,000 subscribers nearly overnight. While Matthias is well known for his work (and deletions) on Instagram, he was also deleted from YouTube during the cannabis purge. Matthias knows better than anyone the difficulties of having his social media deleted. So, having TheWeedTube as a safe place for him to reliably host his content has worked out well. Matthias currently has the most viewed video on TheWeedTube with over 50,000 views. To catch up with Matthias or just get to know him from the start, check out these links: FuckYouTube What To Do if You Get Deleted

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5 Deleted YouTube Channels Thriving on TheWeedTube
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camdogpg 3 years ago
This article was great! I’m definitely going to check out NamelessStoners since I never have before