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I recently made a video detailing my thoughts on how to become a popular creator on If you are a new creator and you’re looking for some advice, I would suggest you watch the entire video (see below). But if that takes too much of your time, I’ve summarized 3 of the most important things I mentioned in the video.

1. Use Keywords Like You’ve Never Used Keywords Before

With a brand new site like TheWeedTube keywords are probably the most important thing that we deal with. Keywords should cover everything from your channel name to descriptive words about what happens in the video. You write your keywords one at a time separated with commas. For example, I keyword all my videos with the following names: Arend, Arend Richard, TheGayStoner, the gay stoner, As you can see I spelled my name multiple different ways and styles because different people will search for different things. This way if someone searches thegaystoner or the gay stoner my videos will come up. When keywording what happens in a video, use individual keywords as well as phrases. For example, the video that is shared in this article is keyworded as follows: Theweedtube tips, weedtuber tips, tips for new weedtubers, help theweedtube, new weedtuber, advice for new creators, advice, new creators, newtuber, etc. Keywords will also be helpful in having your content be found via google. For example when I had my first video go viral on YouTube “How To Smoke Weed from a Pipe” it was a well-keyworded video that trended in google search results.

2. Use Other Social Medias

Again, TheWeedTube is still a baby. She’s not even a whole year old. So while a lot of people do know about TWT, even more don’t. By telling people on your other social medias (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, AND Facebook) about your TWT videos you will drive new traffic to your content. In the video attached to this article I talk about how I got my first 10,000 subscribers on YouTube. It wasn’t just from uploading videos to YouTube and hoping they did well. It was because I worked to get attention to my videos via other platforms from the start. You NEED other social medias. It’s not even a thing of “hey you should do this”. It’s facts. You have to use other social medias to drive traffic, or it won’t happen. That’s for any platform. Not just TWT.

3. Engagement

As we continue to refine TheWeedTube engagement on a video will become more and more important. With our new system that is launching with the new website, videos will trend based on engagement. For example, if you have 2 videos uploaded at the same time to channels with 0 subscribers and video 1 asks people to like and comment and video 2 doesn’t, the first video is almost guaranteed to trend faster than the second. Watching videos is one thing. Getting your viewers to like, comment and engage with your content is another. In the video attached to this article I share a few of the secrets I’ve learned to increase my own engagement. So watch the video if you’re interested!  

[jwp-video n="1" p="73145"]

Look. No one said it was going to be easy. I’d like to point out that my first year of being a content creator was basically a bust. You will learn more from doing it than you ever could from speculation though. So, if becoming a content creator on TheWeedTube is something you want to do… do it.

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3 Tips to Becoming a Popular Creator on
boblee 3 years ago
Hey pal, you got a good video here. We got some quality buds, seeds, hemp oil and other good stuffs. Hit me now via email on: [email protected] or Text +1 (310)-692-1155, Wickr Id: jasonstewart
marenismedicated 3 years ago
loved your video your so down to earth!
oregonexperts 3 years ago
YEEEET Thank you for the video!!! Yes please do an update video after the app! Also yes please on the camera setup video! Purple is our fav of the glass drop, keep up the glass! It's a good alternative to merch and it's super dope to see your glass taste! Also was that lowkey shade because Mac does the whole "if you're still watching, comment random word" and we didn't even know it was yours!! odjfngkalkdjgf Rock on, loved the vid! Can't wait for TWT to keep kicking ass!
cleancloud 3 years ago
Super useful tips dude, thanks for making this post!
jaredisjared 3 years ago
is the site broken or is it just me ? i click subscriptions and it says login. i login again and it take me to my profile... i click subscriptions its directs me to login page...