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  • 2021 Stoner New Years Resolutions

As 2020 comes to a close, many people make resolutions for the new year. These usually surround weight loss, money or breaking a bad habit. Since 2020 was such a hard year, I have compiled 10 funny stoner New Year's Resolutions! These are the resolutions all stoners need to make, if they haven't already!



1. Learn how to ration your bud. Don't smoke the entire baggy just because you have it. Future you will be very upset.



2. Stop binging and eating your entire quarantine food stash. You'll be quite hungry if another stay at home order is set!



3. Stop buying new glass every time you have an extra dollar. It's nice to have a collection but when you have too many, they all don't get the same use.



4. Stop asking friends to always roll up. Learn how to roll your own joints and blunts. There's nothing more lame than a stoner who can't roll!



5. A minor inconvenience does not mean you need to smoke 3 blunts. This doesn't even need an explanation.



6. Know when to stop taking bites of the edible. Don't eat the rest of the edible, even when the piece you ate hasn't kicked in yet. It takes time so be patient!



7. Take tolerance breaks. Taking a tolerance break every month to keep your tolerance lower and intake lower which is always a great idea. 



8. Just because the munchies have kicked in doesn't mean you need to eat chips, cookies and fast food. Start eating healthier snacks and meals when you smoke.



9. Make your own edibles. Learn how to make canna butter and infuse pretty much any food!



10. Learn how to grow your own weed and give it a go! Or just learn more about the plant in general. Education is important in the cannabis community.


There are definitely countless other stoner resolutions, but these are my most useful suggestions. If you have a stoner New Year's resolution, comment it down below! Stay safe and high this New Year!


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2021 Stoner New Years Resolutions
SMOKESTACK 1 year ago
good list, definitely bringing grow vlogs and blogs soon!
annanya 1 year ago
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